Commercial Services

Commercial Services


BRI has developed a careful specialisation in packaging and sorting for a range of products.

Our trained Food Safety Handlers operate within climate-controlled packing rooms and a warehouse in Ballarat.

Aside from our specialisation in food packaging, our packing team has experience packing a range of other products and materials, including flour, hardware, fertiliser products and more.

Short-term and longer-term employment opportunities are available in our packaging division. Please call our Ballarat office or email us for details about current vacancies.

Our services include:

  • Pick, pack and dispatch
  • Packaging a range of products
  • Product assembly
  • Logistics management, including warehousing and shipping
  • Mail-outs
  • Letterbox drops
  • A range of other one-off or ongoing projects that may be difficult to automate. We can tailor our teams and processes to meet your specific needs.