Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Timber and product manufacturing

BRI participants manufacture a range of quality timber products for use in business, all types of commercial settings, residential homes, gardens and public spaces.

Our product range includes storage crates for warehousing, packing crates, transportation crates and so much more.

The only local business with a timber heat treatment facility, BRI can treat timber products earmarked for export to eradicate parasites and bacteria. This ensures compliance with export regulations.

BRI's metalwork crew machines small engineering parts for a range of different applications.

Tell us what you need and odds are we?ll be able to make it happen!

We manufacture:

  • Pallets
  • Storage boxes for warehousing
  • Packing crates for export
  • Potato boxes
  • Vegetable boxes
  • Wicking beds - skins or fully constructed beds
  • Specialist products for the mining industry
  • Packing blocks
  • Kindling
  • Heat treatment to export standard
  • ... and much more!