Disability Support

Disability Support

BRI Values


Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect. BRI values the essential worth of every human being, irrespective of their race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Respect includes respect for ourselves, for others, for the community and for the environment. It includes an acknowledgement of our Aboriginal history and an acceptance of our cultural diversity.


BRI and its people will be accountable to all whom it serves. Everyone within the organisation will operate openly and transparently. Everyone will be accountable for their own actions and collectively for the actions of the organisation. Everyone will be accountable for the organisation's performance and disclose openly its outcomes and its use of funds and assets. BRI and its people will seek the highest standards in everything they do and assess themselves in comparison to them.


BRI is committed to honesty in its dealings. It has a commitment to working hard. It will remain focused on its mission and in all things will actively seek the best individual outcomes for those participants.


BRI is committed to providing a safe and protective workplace for its participants, staff, contractors and customers. It will actively consult with all relevant stakeholders to provide the safest environment possible.


BRI will seek to enable all its workers to achieve the maximum amount of independence possible. BRI will actively promote self-determination, autonomy,