Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Resembling Packaging

Outsourcing your packing to a contractor such as BRI can give your business a distinct competitive advantage. If you’re looking for a co-packer, we’re for you!

Improving your profits & efficiency

By using BRI’s purpose-built facility and services, your company doesn’t have to invest in expensive capital and equipment.   

Besides, some packing jobs, whether they are one-offs or on-going, are just too boring or too expensive for highly skilled workers to undertake.

Repetitive or fiddly work – like placing a specific number of units into a pack or packing jobs that are difficult to automate – is ideally suited to our participants.

BRI’s well-trained, flexible workforce is ready and willing to undertake your next packing job.


Benefits beyond the bottom line

Meaningful employment is important for everyone and often people with disabilities miss out – often unfairly.

By sub-contracting your packing to BRI, you’ll not only improve your bottom line – you’ll help our participants lead fuller, more productive lives. It’s a win-win!


Quality, safety and reliability

Be assured that BRI has the right procedures and management systems in place to do the job correctly, on time and to budget.


Quality in all we do

BRI has a culture of safety and quality:

•  ISO 14001 AS/NZS 4801 Management Systems certification,

•  Fully trained on-site quality coordinator,

•  Specific training for each new order is completed prior to work commencing,

•  Qualified food handlers,

•  OH&S procedures.

We are externally audited each year.



BRI can save you money whilst also saving the planet! Products past their use-by date can be de-packed and the rescued components sold on – saving the waste going to landfill.

From sorting to assembly lines

Whether it’s a one-off contract or an on-going relationship, BRI can help you with your co-packing needs – large or small.


Purpose built

BRI’s facility is purpose built:

•  climate controlled packing rooms and warehouse,

•  clean room for raw product,

•  secure storage,

•  weather protected off-street loading and dispatch area, plus

•  BRI has it’s  own CHEP account.


A competitive, confidential service

BRI can provide competitive and confidential co-packing services for:

•  Pick, pack & dispatch,

•  Specialist food packing – food shelf friendly packing, salad, confectionery,

•  Hardware packing,

•  Repacking of not-quite-right product,

•  Sorting and collating,

•  Logistics management, including warehouse and dispatch,

•  Packing for on-line businesses,

•  Off-site labour... and more!


Tailored to your requirements

BRI will tailor the processes to meet your specific needs. For large orders, BRI will discuss and agree systems and procedures with you to ensure an efficient and quality outcome.


Ask for a quote

Call BRI on 5335 0100 to discuss your next packing service project.