Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Recycling Services

If you’re looking to make the most out of your waste paper, cardboard or plastic, then we’re for you!

Turning waste into a resource

BRI has been helping local businesses and organisations for well over 10 years by collecting and recycling their waste paper. The service can include:

•  Document destruction.


More recently, BRI has been recycling:

•  Cardboard, and

•  Hard and soft plastics.


Recycling helps save you money... and helps save the environment

Sending waste to landfill is expensive for you and a potential risk to our environment.


Recycling not only extends the life of our landfill but it also provides raw materials for making new products.


Benefits beyond the bottom line

By sending your recyclables to BRI, you’ll help provide employment for our participants, enabling them to lead fuller, more productive lives.


That’s good for our environment and our community! It’s a win-win!


Quality, safety and sustainability, be assured that BRI has the right procedures and management systems in place to do the job safely and correctly.


Quality in all we do

BRI has a culture of safety and quality:

•  ISO 14001 AS/NZS 4801 Management Systems certification,

•  Specific training for each new order is completed prior to work commencing,

•  OH&S procedures in place to ensure on-site safety, and

•  Fully trained on-site quality coordinators.


We are externally audited each year.



By recovering and recycling our resources, we’re helping to reduce our impact on the environment – after all, we have only one Earth!


From waste to resource recovery BRI is helping to reduce the amount of our waste going to landfill, helping the environment and saving you money.



All material to be recycled is processed at BRI’s facility in Wendouree. The processed product is then sold to recyclers or organisations for re-use.


A competitive, confidential service

BRI can provide a competitive and confidential recycling service for:

•  Paper,

•  Cardboard,

•  Document destruction,

•  Hard plastic,

•  Soft plastic... and more!


What are your requirements?

BRI is always on the lookout for new opportunities in resource recovery. We can tailor a program to meet your specific recycling requirements.


We’re ready, willing and able

BRI’s well-trained, flexible workforce is ready and willing to undertake your next recycling job.


Ask for a quote

Call BRI on 5342 6500 to discuss your recycling needs.