Disability Support

Disability Support


A range of employment options are available at BRI across our three Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) sites.


Real jobs in:

• manufacturing,

• recycling,

• landscaping & gardening,

• maintenance services,

• event support, and

• packaging services.


Paid Employment

BRI offers part-time, full-time, short-term and long-term paid employment options to successful applicants.

Applicants are assessed using a Productivity  and Competency Based Wages System and are required to work for at least eight hours per week.

BRI matches participants with the type of work and location most suited to their capabilities and interests, always with a view to ensuring they have choices and opportunities to live a self-determined life.


Pathways to Your Destination

We support our participants to transition to paid employment via a number of pathways.

Students in their final years at school are offered work experience opportunities that can lead to paid employment at BRI.

BRI also helps participants transition to employment through collaborative placement opportunities at open employment services.