Disability Support

Disability Support

Support Services

BRI provides a range of support services to promote social and community participation whilst encouraging individual growth and skills development.

Our core values are ingrained

BRI has always been committed to providing education, training and meaningful employment choices for people with disabilities – it’s in our DNA.

We believe passionately in ensuring all our participants have the opportunity to exercise choice and control over their lives.


Support for individuals

BRI actively supports our participants to become independent contributors to our community. That support comes by way of education and training, collaborative placement opportunities, and other initiatives such as programs for transitioning through life stages.


BRI’s qualified Case Workers advocate on behalf of participants to ensure they are linked with all the support and help they need to live a more independent and enriched life. Our Case Workers also help participants overcome issues and concerns that may impact on their health and wellbeing.


Support for families and carers

Families and carers play an important role by representing the interests of the person they care for, or by providing emotional or practical support.

Sometimes however, it is the carers themselves who need support.

BRI is able to provide information and referrals to ensure family members, guardians and carers can access all the help and support they need.


Comprehensive, holistic support

At BRI, we seek to understand a participant holistically so as to better support them across all aspects of their life.