Disability Support

Disability Support

Work Skills Training and Lifelong Learning

BRI helps participants succeed – whatever stage they are at in their life and employment cycle.


Many types of employment training and lifelong learning opportunities are offered to help our participants:

•  learn new skills and

•  develop their capabilities.


Work Skills Training

Work Skills Training is available to all BRI participants who are currently in, or are planning to enter into, paid employment.

All training at BRI is structured to complement or enhance participant’s current skills and aspirations, thus helping to open new employment opportunities.

Training is provided internally or outsourced to specialist, Registered Training Organisations.


Lifelong Learning

BRI's commitment to Lifelong Learning seeks to foster skills sets that will help all our participants, regardless of their life stage.

Lifelong Learning focuses on helping our participants to navigate whatever changes they may be undergoing – working fewer hours, retirement or living more independently – with practical training in areas such as:

•  using the public transport system,

•  cooking nutritious meals at home,

•  walking for health,

and so much more.