Disability Support

Disability Support

About BRI

Further information and history of BRI

Ballarat Regional industries was formed to gain support for a Ballarat and District Community Industries sheltered workshop. In 1985 Ballarat Regional Industries Centre (BRIC) was opened in Walker Street, Sebastopol

BRIC aimed to provide employment and training opportunities for people with significant permanent disabilities that would prevent or hamper them from undertaking other employment. From then on what is now known as BRI has gone from strength to strength. Currently supporting 160 participants across 3 sites.

BRI have a number of different business areas and participants are encouraged to multi skill and take on new challenges within BRI and also in the greater community.


Ballarat Regional Industries Board members:

Wendy McNabb         Chair

Annie De Jong           Vice Chair

Damien Varnis

Jo Barber

Brad Matthews

Greg Harbridge

Charles Kennedy

Stewart Howe


Ballarat Regional Industries Managers:

Geoff Russell                   Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Marston               Finance Manager

Cindy Wirth                     Disability Services Manager

Andrew Clarke                 Recycling and Manufacturing Manager

Paul Glover                      Packaging Ballarat Manager

Ben McGowan                 Home maintenance Manager

David Lee                         Landscaping Co-ordinator

Shannon Wilkins              Landscaping Co-ordinator