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Paper, Cardboard and Hard Plastic Recycling services

Creating a “win win win” outcome:

  • A win for the environment by reduction in landfill
  • A win for clients in saving landfill costs and complying with sustainability and environmental policies and targets
  • A win by providing people living with a disability by providing employment and training.

Annually BRI recycles:

  • 200,000 kgs of hard plastic
  • 600,000 kgs of paper
  • 1,400,000 kgs of cardboard

Hard Plastics

We are proud to participate in “closing the loop” – from the collection and processing of used plastic, then delivery to local manufacturers who make new products and so the loop process goes on….

Specialising in the recycling of:

  • Car bumper bars
  • HDPE plastic – industry purge, council bins, water pipe, tank and dam liners
  • LDPE plastic – damaged truck mudguards, bread trays and buckets

Cardboard and Paper

BRI fibre recycling of carboard and paper services to support local business include:

  • Document destruction by shredding
  • Collection of waste paper – white and coloured
  • Collection of cardboard

All BRI recycled fibre is sold within the Australian manufacturing industry particularly the tissue market.

Currently recycling 1,460,000 kgs of fibre material per annum but the capacity to do more.

Empowering People. Enriching Communities.

Creating employment pathways for people with a disability.